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February 23, 2020  

MLS 25th Season Predictions

I was joined by ThisweekinMLS, Offical MLS Memes, 110 Football & The MLS Zone to make our predictions for the 2020 MLS season. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @next_gen_pod & Twitter @nextgenpod

February 21, 2020  

Ziyech signs for Chelsea & City’s 2 year European ban

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February 18, 2020  

Chelsea 0-2 Manchester United (Rant)

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February 13, 2020  

Chelsea v Manchester United preview FT: JTG Productions

I was joined by Manchester United video editor JTG Productions also known as Josh to preview the Chelsea v Manchester United game. We talked about United's new signing Bruno Fernandez, if Ole is the right man to manage Manchester United for years to come and we did a combined 11 for the two teams. Make sure to go follow Josh on Instagram & Twitter @jtgproductions and to subscribe to him on YouTube to see all his amazing Manchester United videos. Finally make sure to follow us on Instagram @next_gen_pod and Twitter @nextgenpod

January 28, 2020  

Should Chelsea sell Kepa Arrizabalaga? FT: Matisse Armani

I was joined owner/editor for "All Things Chelsea" Matisse where we talk all things Kepa Arrizabalaga. We gave our thoughts of his time at Chelsea, why he has been so poor this season and if Chelsea should keep or sell him. Make sure to go follow Matisse on Twitter @matissearmani and follow us on Twitter @nextgenpod & Instagram @next_gen_pod

January 19, 2020  

Champions League round of 16 preview FT: Feroze17 & Daniel Katona

I sit down with Feroze17 & Daniel Katona to review our predictions for the group stages and preview the round of 16 fixtures. Make sure you go follow the both of them on Twitter @Feroze17 & @DanielKatona17 to see more of the content they make on Patreon. Finally make sure to follow us on Instagram @next_gen_pod & Twitter @nextgenpod

January 15, 2020  

PL Big 6 New Years Resolutions FT: Kristan Heneage

I was joined by freelance football writer @KHeneage on Twitter, where we gave our mid season grades on the big 6 teams in the Premier League performances then gave them our new years resolution that could help save the clubs season.

January 9, 2020  

What is wrong with the USMNT? FT: Jimmy Conrad

I'm joined by former USMNT defender Jimmy Conrad to talk about the development of soccer in the United States and why it seems the USMNT is falling short in the development of soccer. Make sure you go check us out on Instagram @next_gen_pod & Twitter @nextgenpod and go follow Jimmy on Instagram & Twitter @jimmyconrad

January 2, 2020  

My Premier League TOTD

Happy new years everyone and for this special occasion I selected my Premier League team of the decade through the Sky Sports TOTD selector. Make sure you are following us on Instagram @next_gen_pod and Twitter @nextgenpod to stay up to date about all the football(soccer) we discuss.

December 31, 2019  

Chelsea January wishlist FT: Lewis Gebreselassie

I was joined by Blues TV host Lewis to talk about Chelsea's results during the winter period and who Chelsea should buy or sell in the January window. Make sure you go check out Lewis on Twitter @CarefreeLewisG & Instagram @lewis_gebreselassie. Finally make sure you are following us on Twitter @nextgenpod and Instagram @next_gen_pod